The Big Middle
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Journalist Susan Flory's podcast exploring the big issues of longer, healthy midlife, rethinking ageing in a world obsessed with youth.
Stereotypes are smashed, mindsets are moved in interviews with the world’s biggest thinkers on all aspects of the longevity revolution.
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    Dr Phil Webb

    AI in Health: barriers to deeper integration in use, training, systems

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    Nik Sehgal

    AI in Health: what's what and how transforming health landscape

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    Kay Scorah

    Lifelong learning and the importance of thought diversity and fun

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    Peter Mangan

    The Freebird Club: travel freedom + social fun in +50s homestays

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    Martin Hyde

    Ageing and globalisation: "the state still remains an important actor"

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    Jeremy King

    Pairing older with younger: leading London restaurateur's drive to hire +50s

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    Stuart Lewis

    Ageism checks the rise and rise of mature workers

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    Carl Honoré

    In praise of growing older and slowing down at every age

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    Adrian Juric

    The power and beauty of poetry about ageing

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    Tina Woods

    Ambitious national longevity strategy in the works in UK

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    Richard Eisenberg

    How do Blue Zoners pay for their healthy, longer lives?

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    Stephen Burke

    UK age segregation: grassroots action making integration gains

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    Marc Freedman

    The fountain of youth is with youth

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    Jeanette Leardi

    Assets of ageing - a social gerontologist's view

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    Ryan Child

    Check on Ya Mate with chess and chat to end social isolation

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    Deborah Garlick

    Driving culture change, teaching employers how to be 'menopause-friendly'

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    Aubrey de Grey

    Maintain us like classic cars - periodic, preventative repairs to "consign ageing to history"

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    Wilf Blackburn

    Singapore sets longevity policy pace

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    James Peyer

    Exciting 'lightning strikes' in longevity biotech

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    Elizabeth White

    55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal

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    Marci Alboher

    Putting +50s to work for social good

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    David Sinclair

    Whither the social longevity dividend?

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    Karen Wickre

    Nurture your network before you need it

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    Jonathan Rauch

    Why 50 is the gateway to happiness

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    Chip Conley

    The Making of a Modern Elder

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    Dr Chris Ball

    Workability + workplace age management

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    John Tarnoff

    Career reinvention masterclass for +50s

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    Andrew Scott

    Longer life model requires switch from recreation to re-creation

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    Prof Tim Noakes 2

    LCHF to keep hunger at bay and improve your health

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    Prof Tim Noakes

    Conventional food pyramid "genocide" - cut carbs for peak performance in midlife

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    Tricia Cusden

    Old is the new fabulous - rewriting the social script on ageing.

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    Shirley Cramer

    A cultural shift on ageing is overdue - it's a gift and an opportunity

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    What's it about?

    A taster of the smart thinkers you'll hear on the big issues of midlife, longer-lasting but tricky to negotiate in a world obsessed with youth.

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